West Arts Academy

About the Academy

building character one note at a time

The West Arts Academy (formerly known as Northwest Rock Academy) has focused on delivering a fun experience while pursuing musical excellence since its founding in 2012.  Our lessons and programs are designed to improve students’ musical abilities, while developing character and habits that will benefit them for the rest of their life.

West Arts Academy was created to empower musicians, unleashing the energy and creativity of a new generation.  Nothing beats the joy that comes with learning to play an instrument, the pride that follows mastering a difficult passage, or the thrill of playing live on stage.  As deeply rewarding as these are, it takes hard work and discipline to pull it off.

The academy encourages our students to develop the discipline and character needed to gain new skills, solve problems, and persevere until the goal is accomplished.  We want to help them make the wisest use of their time in practice, in rehearsal, in the studio, and on stage.  

We don’t wish to simply be teachers of music.  We mentor and coach our students through challenging situations, and support them becoming leaders in their own right.

We require our staff and students to treat one another with respect and charity (kindness and tolerance in judging others), and to extend that same respect and charity to the people in our community.  This allows our students the freedom to focus on their love of music while encouraging each other.  It is also why our ensembles are invited back to perform at venues and events all over the county.

The academy wants its students, whether they go on to become professional musicians, or simply pursue their musical passions,  to understand music from the inside out, and to become lifelong learners and practitioners of the art, with an attractive approach to interacting with people as artists.

Put simply, we want to make a difference through love of people, music, and learning.


Create lessons and programs that immerse students in the world and practice of music.


Produce passionate and charitable musicians who become lifelong learners of the art.